Leadership Academy

The Men’s Empowerment Network is making a strategic investment in the education of our partners and members.

As an extension of the Leadership Academy we have launched an Online Leadership Academy.  We plan to launch during the third quarter of 2014 that will enable knowledge sharing, information dissemination, and accelerated learning for our partners and members on a global basis.

We believe that EDUCATION is a key pillar of EMPOWERMENT and that the currency of value in the global economy is KNOWLEDGE.

In the digital era, intellectual capital provides access to social, financial, and political capital within the interconnected world.  KNOWLEDGE and “KNOW-HOW” are the basis of competitive advantage for individuals, communities, and nations.

The competitive dynamics of globalization, the emergence of innovative business models, and technological advances compel an investment in an e-Learning infrastructure that will function as the technology foundation for our Online Leadership Academy.

The Online Leadership Academy will offer course options along the following academic tracks:

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM)
  • Business Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership Development
  • Money Management, Finance, & Investing
  • Global Affairs & International Relations
  • Religious Studies
  • Ministry

Learn more about the Online Leadership Academy by linking to http://onlineleadershipacademy.org

Dr. William A. King, Jr., serves as the Executive Director for the Leadership Academy.  He is responsible for all administrative and academic affairs for the Leadership Academy and is the primary liaison on behalf of the Men’s Empowerment Network to top universities across North America.


Scholarship for College Students

Promising young men who become members of the Men’s Empowerment Network, graduate from high-school with a minimum of a B plus average, and need financial assistance will be eligible to apply for an academic scholarship from the Men’s Empowerment Network.

Contact us today to learn more about our Academic Scholarship opportunities for promising young men!

Tel: (202) 738-4334

email: info@men-intl.com

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