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 Strategic Alliance formed with the Global Peace Foundation – USA

 CAR regional meeting for building collaborative partnership – Reported by Sam Kotegawa

CAR regional meeting

A CAR regional meeting for building collaborative partnership was held on May 2nd, 2013 at the beautiful home of Mr. Alan J. Inman, President of GPF-USA in Scarsdale, NY. This meeting was specifically designed for the leadership team of the Men’s Empowerment Network (M.E.N; upon a request from Dr. Frederick R. Lester, Global Managing Director of M.E.N. His desire was to create a further opportunity to learn more about the vision, mission and the current developments of CAR’s work that would provide a better platform to build a collaborative partnership between the organizations.

Participants of the meeting were Mr. Alan J. Inman (President of GPF-USA), Dr. Paul Murray (Co-Chairman of the Coalition for American Renewal) and Sam Kotegawa (NY/NJ Regional representative of GPF/CAR). Participating from the M.E.N leadership team were Dr. Frederick R. Lester, Dr. Thomas Ryer, Dr. Jonathan Herbert in the room and Dr. Steven Patterson from Texas joined the meeting via internet broadcasting.
Alan Inman shares CAR vision 

The gathering started with introductions and with the first presentation given by Mr. Inman emphasizing the overall vision, mission, direction and the current developments of the Global Peace Foundation-USA. Mr. Inman emphasized the importance of like-minded faith leaders standing up in the public square with a strong commitment to ownership over the common foundation of universal principle and values. He also explained the background of launching the coalition as an outcome among faith leaders at the 2010 national summit in the Capital Hill with the urgent need to fulfill their civil responsibilities in the public life, and encouraged all to join in this calling hand in hand for American renewal.

Dr. Paul Murray 

Following the presentation, Dr. Paul Murray gave his presentation first by sharing a CAR introductory video. He explained the important role that faith leaders must fulfill to become a moral conscience of America at this most critical moment where America is facing a breakdown in moral leadership based on deep rooted principles and values. He emphasized the important mission of the CAR movement as it engages the American society through deep grass roots activities. This movement must tackle the critical issues through an active small group approach with clear organizational alignment. The leadership team of M.E.N is playing an active role as faith leaders in their respective faith communities, and they fully embrace the ideas that CAR embraces connected with universal principles and core values. Positive discussions and dialogues were continuously engaged over the lunch time with a spirit and atmosphere cooperation.

Based on the morning session, after lunch Dr. Lester led an agenda. The point was emphasized that collaborative partnership will produce the desired outcomes for the coalition. Dr. Lester agreed to offer the M.E.N’s resources for the development of CAR both regionally and nationally in the areas of media strategy and technology infrastructure, educational initiatives, public advocacy and mobilization.

CAR Regional Meeting 

In concluding the day, Sam Kotegawa presented an overall regional action plan for this year which prompted discussion around building an effective ground base for a collaborative partnership. A first joint project will be launching a monthly meeting and regional forum which will be held in July. The idea is to gather like mined faith leaders in this region who can resonate with the vision and mission of CAR that will facilitate the development of a grassroots movement. The meeting ended in a positive spirit with a commitment to work closely to produce excellent outcomes for America through the Coalition for American Renewal.

Film Documentary on Fatherhood

The Men’s Empowerment Network co-produced a timely and important film documentary on FATHERHOOD with Hollywood Productions titled “LISTEN UP: Calling ALL Fathers” that has been released and available now for purchase.

Incorporating footage from fatherhood initiative programs, along with intriguing interviews from fathers, social advocates, celebrities, along with special commentary from Harvard Professor Dr. Alvin Poussaint, this documentary will delve into the realities of the struggles and joys of fatherhood.

Bulk orders to support your organizations’ male development and leadership initiatives can be easily facilitated as well as individual copies for men seeking to hear and learn valuable life lessons on FATHERHOOD.

Contact us TODAY to purchase your copies of “LISTEN UP: Calling ALL FATHERS”.

 Impact of Men Teaching Boys the Power of Prayer – Article


This timely article by Dr. Frederick R. Lester makes a very compelling argument why this tutelage is mission critical for our boys. It can place your son on an accelerated and direct path for future success!


Kindly click on the article title to retrieve a copy for your personal application and son’s spiritual growth!

Empowering Men for Greatness -Workbook

This workbook served as the primary content for the “Empowering Men For Greatness” Seminar that was held at Liberty Baptist Church, in Elizabeth, NJ on April 14th, 2012. Biblical principles were emphasized as the basis for empowering men for greatness.  Kindly click on the workbook title to                                 download a copy of the document.


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