The Men’s Empowerment Network (M.E.N.) is a global multi-cultural leadership development and mentoring initiative for men and boys with a vision and commitment towards becoming a positive change agent and an influential person in society.

Dr. Frederick R. Lester, Managing Director, has established a global team of professionals spanning private industry, government, higher education, religion, sports and the arts to drive initiatives and serve as the wealth of intellectual capital for the Men’s Empowerment Network.

The mission of the Men’s Empowerment Network is to build a community of interest and social networking platform that enables its members to become effective leaders in society through our guiding principles of intelligence, innovation, influence, impact and integrity.

We’re reaching and bringing men together across the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa.  In many countries today, men have become more cognizant of the state of their lives and seek to be connected with other principle-centered men to share knowledge and resources.  The challenges and aspirations that men have today are common across nationalities, ethnicities, religions and cultures.

Our value proposition is that we bring men together both nationally and across borders to effect change in their lives, families, communities and countries.  For boys, we fill a tremendous gap when they come out of high risk environments like broken families and non-progessive communities.  We specifically offer them educational, cultural and spiritiual resources to maximize their maturing into manhood.