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photo Dr. Thomas L. Ryer serves as the Executive Director, Public Affairs / Advocacy for the Men’s Empowerment Network.  He is also a Fathering Specialist in the Forestdale Fathering Initiative Program, an innovative program that helps noncustodial fathers strengthen their bonds with their children and families.His work focuses on outreach to teens and younger fathers. He has more than 15 years of experience in youth services and has worked for several community-based organizations such as The Children’s Aid Society and the Settlement Houses of New York  as a Youth Service Director and Transitional Services Specialist. Before joining Forestdale, in this role, he facilitated curricula and evaluated the delivery of various programs in prison, and the Chairperson of Alternative to Violence Project, Inc. Dr. Ryer was the first incarcerated person to become a Pastor of a corrections church in NYSDOC.  Certified in Domestic Violence, Conflict Resolution Training, Counseling, Organization Development, Breaking Barriers and Transitional Services.  He received a Masters in Divinity at the New York Theological Seminary, a Masters in Criminal Justice at Oklahoma University. He also holds a Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Development from Oklahoma University, and a Bachelors’ of Science in Organizational Management from Nyack College.  He will be pursuing an additional Doctorate in Education at the Fordham University School of Education in Bronx, New York. “I see the youth of today as the future of tomorrow. I enjoy preparing young people for the task of becoming better human beings, as well as future leaders.” ~Thomas Ryer
Dr. Stanley K. Kamau serves as the Executive Director, Africa Operations, for the Men’s Empowerment Network.  He is responsible for all strategic initiatives, operations, and activities on the continent of Africa.  He is a highly anointed and prayerful man of God.  He is the strategic architect providing spiritual and operational oversight for the international expansion of the Men’s Empowerment Network across Africa.  His ministry influence and operational footprint spans Burundi, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Southern Sudan, and Kenya. He is a DIRECTOR with the LIFE TRANFORMATION INITIATIVE, a Non-Governmental Organization involved in trainings for social spiritual and economic transformation.  Dr. Kamau also serves as the Apostolic Overseer of Springs of Kingdom Life Ministries that has several church congregations connected under/within it across central and eastern parts of Kenya. He is also the patron of Man For Men Enterprises Network, a community based organization focused on enabling men to mentor boys and provide a platform for interacting with men in and out of church.He is a graduate in Education and provides leadership trainings and consultancy services across the nation of Kenya.
Dr. Naquan Bryant, M.B.A., serves as the Executive Director, Business Affairs for the Men’s Empowerment Network.  He is responsible for negotiating business alliances, structuring and managing the investment portfolio, and leading the Program Management Office (PMO) for the Men’s Empowerment Network. He has served as a Co-Owner of Choice Advantage, Inc., a start-up Credit and Debt Management company that was based in Atlanta,Georgia.  He currently sits on the Board of the Legacy Youth Corporation, a Non-Profit organization that provides after-school programs to inner city children in New York, New Jersey, and Boston.  He is a seasoned hotel professional that has served in different managerial roles with both Hilton and Marriott International.  During his career, he has aided Front Office, Environmental and Events teams above brand average.  Along with his professional endeavors, Dr. Bryant’s personal interests include Men’s Ministries, Young Men Career Planning, Civil Rights and Public Speaking.  He believes that every young man needs spiritual guidance, positive re-enforcement, and a stable family to be successful.
Steve Patterson Dr. Steven Patterson serves as both the Chief Strategy Officer and CIO for the Men’s Empowerment Network.  He assists the Global Managing Director with the formulation of enterprise strategy and provides oversight on all aspects of organizational development and operational excellence.  As CIO, Dr. Patterson works closely with all divisional leaders to ensure that the organization remains customer-centric and data driven.  He is an accomplished IT professional who has worked on strategic data management and business intelligence initiatives for major corporations across industries for over a 30 plus year career.  He is a highly anointed Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Dallas, Texas area and has a dynamic and powerful deliverance ministry. He is currently operating as an Evangelist and recently planted Dallas Metro Family Fellowship (Church) in partnership with the Dallas Dream Center. He has a genuine compassion for souls and fervor for evangelism within urban communities. Currently, he is continuing his educational pursuits by being enrolled in DSOM (North Texas District Assemblies of God / School of Ministry) and will transition into Southwestern Assemblies of God University to pursue studies in Theology. His passion includes Preaching and Teaching the Word of God, being an informed reader on Information Technology, and spending time with his grandchildren.
Dr. Jonathan Herbert serves as the Executive Director, International Membership and Mentoring Programs, for the Men’s Empowerment Network.  He is responsible for defining the member experience model, implementing and managing all member and mentoring programs, and formulating strategy for the growth of the organization’s international membership. He serves as a key member of both the U.S. and International Operations teams ensuring continuity of all member programs on an international basis while monitoring cultural, religious, and political considerations as the Men’s Empowerment Network expands internationally. A significant dimension of his role is to participate in the development and roll-out of reusable intellectual property for the Men’s Empowerment Network. Dr. Herbert has been a recognized leader in Men’s Ministry in the NY / NJ metropolitan area for many years.
Scott-Leach-photo1 Scott Leach serves as the Executive Director, Fathering Initiatives, Americas, for the Men’s Empowerment Network.  As a multi-talented professional with an impressive portfolio of accomplishments, Scott will be involved with strategic initiatives across the organization’s business units.As the current Founder of Daddy’s Tool Box, an independent father friendly organization, and the former Administrative Director of the Forestdale Fathering Initiatives, Scott has more than 25 years of experience working with families of varied socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation from The Ohio State University.  Following graduation, Scott was drafted to the National Football League by the New Orleans Saints.He is committed to elevating Fathering Initiatives Programs to new heights of effectiveness and societal impact. His dedication to supporting fathers to become more actively engaged is deeply rooted in his understanding of the vital roles fathers play in the lives of their children.  Working with agencies such as OCFS (Office of Children & Family Services ), the New York City Board of Education and the Department of Child Support Services, the program has expanded and its’ services are in much demand. Scott has also successfully engaged with the New York City Court and Probation Departments to provide services to mandated participants.Scott is a frequent guest speaker on Healthy Fathering issues and has been a presenter at many seminars and conferences. Mr. Leach resides in NYC with his wife and 2 children. He is a congregant of the New Covenant Baptist Church where he serves as a Deacon. He also serves as the Church Community Organization Representative C.O.R. to Boy Scouts of America Pack & Troop 263.Helping to heal men, we will also help heal our world.  Peace to all mankind, because I am my brother’s keeper!
admin-ajax Edward Dixon serves as the Chief Operations Officer for the Men’s Empowerment Network and leads all of the organization’s media initiatives.  In this capacity, he directs and provides oversight for all strategic media initiatives and investments spanning WebTV, internet radio, film, YouTube, Twitter, and FaceBook.  He works closely with the Chief Technology Officer in the areas of global IT strategy, IT governance, and ensures successful technology deployment and adoption across the Americas.Edward Dixon is an accomplished Information Technology Specialist whose current focus is on eCollaboration / Unified Communications. He brings a wealth of expertise in emerging technologies, systems planning, project management, technology investment methodology, business / technology alignment, and enterprise technology deployment. His career in technology planning / operations management spans various verticals performing in roles ranging from Video Conferencing Engineer, Special Events Coordinator, Learning Management Systems Administrator and Senior Project Manager. Ed, originally from Harlem, New York, now resides in East Windsor, New Jersey with his wife and two children attending universities.
Elder Eric Brown Bishop Eric Brown serves as the Executive Director and International Liaison for Church Organizations and Interfaith Ministries worldwide for the Men’s Empowerment Network.Bishop Brown is a Man of God who answered the clarion call to preach deliverance unto the saints while endeavoring to build the Kingdom of God. He has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Herbert H. Lehman College, and is currently completing a dual Masters of Divinity and Pastoral Counseling degree from New York Theological Seminary. Bishop Brown also received an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from the National Geographic Commonwealth of the University of St. Louis.As Bishop Brown shifts into an apostolic anointing that includes church planting, he is the senior pastor of Victory Faith Cathedral Inc. located in the Bronx, New York  and is the general overseer of Victory Outreach Fellowship of Churches located in Washington, D.C. He is also a member of the African American Joint College of Pentecostal Bishop.In addition to his full-time pastorate, Bishop Brown serves in a bi-vocational capacity. He is the Director for the Office of Ministerial Services in the New York City Department of Corrections.Bishop Brown is also a veteran, retiring after 21 years of service from the United States Naval Reserves as a Lieutenant. He remembers when the Lord filled him with the Holy Ghost over 28 years ago aboard a Navy aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean Sea and was baptized with over 200 other servicemen in the Jordan River. He affirms, “OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD.”
 Fred Cayetano - photo 1 Fred P. Cayetano serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for the Men’s Empowerment Network.  In this capacity, he functions as a senior aide to the Global Managing Director on all administrative matters pertaining to the Men’s Empowerment Network.  This includes He was previously with a management and technology consultancy functioning as the Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Vice President.  He helped manage the day-to-day operations of the company and established a newly created Financial Services Support division that focused on business development and expanding the firm’s presence in the financial sectors for domestic and overseas clients.  He comes with over 25 years experience in the Financial Industry where he has managed numerous large scale projects in the areas of Asset Management, Asset Servicing, Mortgage Loan Portfolio reviews, Default Management & Controls, implementation of pre and post bank conversions, Institutional, Securities Operations, Trust Operations and Operational Tax Audits, Business Analysis, Managerial Accounting, G/L and P&L reconciliation.  His broad spectrum of clients include Hilltop Advisors, Broadridge, IBM Global Business Services, CIT, FDIC, FannieMae, PNC Bank, Deutshe Bank, JPMorgan Chase, The Bank of New York, Nomura, Lehman Brothers, WestLB, Citibank and CitiCapital.  Mr. Cayetano is a Garifuna native, born in Livingston, Guatemala in Central America. He has a son Gabriel who is six years old.
 Frederick_Lester_photo.95224645_sq_thumb_m Dr. Frederick R. Lester serves as the Global Managing Director for the Men’s Empowerment Network.  He is responsible for the vision, strategic planning, global operations, and executive leadership for the Men’s Empowerment Network. He is the Chief Executive Officer of a management and technology consultancy headquartered in Washington, DC., and serves as a trusted adviser to C-level executives within the financial services and high-technology industries.  His areas of expertise include global business strategy, leadership development, organizational design, mergers & acquisitions, private equity, IT strategy, knowledge management, “Big Data”, and business analytics. He is committed to enhancing the global dialogue on human rights, peace & diplomacy, international security, nuclear non-proliferation, fixing failed states, social justice, sustainable development, global warming, and child welfare. He has been active in Men’s Ministry for over twenty years and is committed to empowering men and boys of all races, nationalities, ethnicity, religious backgrounds, and social / economic classes to reach their fullest potential and become functional members of the global community.Dr. Lester is the recipient of a Presidential Volunteer Service Award and actively involved in urban planning & development, international philanthropy, technology advocacy, and promoting global peace.

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