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Frederick Lester, Managing Director

Dr. Frederick R. Lester     Managing Director


Dr. Frederick R. Lester is the Global Managing Director of the Men’s Empowerment Network.  He is also the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Strategic Advantage, Inc., a privately-held management and technology consultancy headquartered in Washington, DC.

Dr. Frederick R. Lester is an accomplished management consultant who has functioned as a senior advisor to companies in the areas of corporate governance, business strategy, operational effectiveness, mergers & acquisitions, private equity investments, innovation management, enterprise data management, and business analytics.

He is committed to enhancing the global dialogue on human rights, peace & diplomacy, international security, sustainable development, fixing failed states, social justice, climate change, and child welfare.

He has been active in Men’s Ministry for twenty years and is committed to assisting and empowering men to reach their fullest potential.

His professional and personal interests include international business, diplomacy & foreign affairs, STEM advocacy, entrepreneurship and building strong families as the fundamental building block  for a progressive society.

Our Strategic Mission

The strategic mission of the Men’s Empowerment Network is to prepare and position men to become effective leaders and change agents within the global community.

Who We Are

Through Dr. Lester’s international business travel and intellectual pursuits, he realized that in many nations around the world, men were living beneath their natural and spiritual privileges.  He observed that men were merely existing and surviving as opposed to living a fulfilled and impactful life.  This was not only true in second and third world nations, but apparent in nations that were technologically advanced with competitive economies. This empirically substantiated observation inspired him with a fervor and compassion that served as the impetus for the launch of the Men’s Empowerment Network.

The Men’s Empowerment Network brings together an international community of progressive organizations and motivated men committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals, families, and nations on a global basis.

Headquartered in the United States, the Men’s Empowerment Network is also active in South America and Africa.  We’re fostering global dialogue to accelerate economic development, fixing failed states, and advocating human rights around the world.

Although we are focused on the development and empowerment of men, we believe in the full equality of women.

We believe that global peace, security, and prosperity are attainable and sustainable through governance, regional economic integration, knowledge sharing, technological innovation, and the elevation of moral conscience.

If men are empowered to take collaborative action, societies don’t have to collapse, but can flourish and meet the challenges of the 21st century and beyond.  Hence, we are committed to empowering all men to truly becoming leaders to the glory of God.

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